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Rabbit Patch - Farm Fresh Grass Pad (Standard)

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Rabbit Patch Farm Fresh Grass Delivery

Rabbit Patch - Farm Fresh Grass Pad (Standard) - $34.95 $34.95

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The Rabbit Patch (Standard) is a 16 x 24 slice of Farm Fresh grass conveniently delivered to your bun bun.  The ultimate mat of grass for your bunny rabbit to play, lounge or potty on!  Larger sizes available here.

The Fresh Patch Mini (16" x 12" inches), Fresh Patch Standard (16" x 24" inches), and Fresh Patch Large (24" x 24" inches) come in a fully functional, waxed cardboard box.  Simply remove the lid and place the unit in your pet's designated potty area. 

Fresh Patch XL
The Fresh Patch XL (2' x 4' feet) is recommended for pets more than 30 lbs and for multi-pet households.
The Fresh Patch XL comes rolled up in a box -- It does not come with a functional box (we recommend purchasing one of our custom trays).

We recommend replacing your Fresh Patch every 1-4 weeks depending on the size of your pet and how frequently the product is being used.
We have plans offering delivery every weekevery (2) weeksevery (3) weeks and every (4) weeks.
Switching between plans is easy once you setup an account with us!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4522 reviews
Beth B.
Puppies first few weeks

We live in a condo on the 2nd floor so the first few weeks of having our new puppy home we used Fresh Patch grass with an x-pen on our balcony. Our puppy quickly transitioned to going outside for potty breaks so we didn’t need this long term.

Two Poms One Patch

Great for my Pomeranians! I have a concrete slab back yard and the grass patch gives my dogs a comfy place to do their business. The XL patch lasts a long time and I love the ease of tossing it in the yard bin and buying a fresh one!

Yesenia Avalos
Great grass

Love the convenience of this grass, and my pup does too! Great for small patios


As described.

Erika Austin
Fabulous product

I was so excited with my first delivery and I’m sure it would’ve worked perfectly but unfortunately, my dog took a turn for the worse and we had to say goodbye to her.